Artists of Woodbridge: Jon Phillips

Jon Phillips had never been to Detroit before he decided to move here, start a degree, and begin as all artists should while beginning their studies and try to understand what it is that’s unique about his voice. AIW met with him to talk about moving to Detroit, his view of the art taking place […]

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Artists of Woodbridge: Alex Gilford

Alex Gilford is the latest in a long line of Metro-Detroit locals making Art in Woodbridge.  His “Legend of the Lake Whitefish “mural covers a garage in Woodbridge and depicts a scene from a piece of regional folklore of the same name. AIW caught up with him during his lunchbreak at the Detroit Institute of […]

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Artists of Woodbridge: Robert Sestok

One doesn’t go far in Detroit’s art scene without hearing Robert Sestok’s name. One doesn’t go far in Detroit without seeing his work. Sestok’s singular (and Detroit borne) metal sculptures dot the city in various stages of rust, which he oils every couple of years to keep them from rusting too quickly. He’s been erecting them across […]

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Artists of Woodbridge: Cedric Tai

Artists ask questions, whether they know it or not. Some artists begin their craft with a desire to say something. Some begin with a desire to ask a question. Some artists are concerned purely with abstraction, and some purely with emotion. Cedric Tai has the rare gift of being able to move towards his craft […]

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Artists of Woodbridge: Clinton Snider

Clinton Snider

Clinton Snider has Detroit on his mind. Hist art doesn’t make statements about it, it asks questions. One of the first large paintings to appear in the neighborhood is Snider’s “Piggies” mural on Commonwealth. The kernel idea was something he’d been working with previously but it came to full fruition as a large scale painting/mural in […]

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Artists of Woodbridge: Jason Huffines

Jason Huffines doesn’t consider himself an artist. He’s a fabricator. From Harrison Township, Huffines attended the Center for Creative Studies in the late 90s, and began working with Alex Porbe and others at their workshop on East Mack. His bike rack, “Doormouse” is a first-generation functional bike sculpture in Woodbridge — one of the first of […]

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Artists of Woodbridge: Alex Porbe

If there’s a bike locked up somewhere in Woodbridge, there’s a good chance it’s chained up to one of Alex Porbe’s creative designs. His unique bike racks dot the neighborhood. It’s one of the many approaches at metal he’s finely tuned over the decades of living in the area. He’s seen Woodbridge change, and his […]

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Artists of Woodbridge: Andy Krieger

In the mid-80s, Andy Krieger went to art school and then dropped out. He put his time and effort into carpentry, which now is a large part of how his art is made. He admittedly hasn’t been a practicing artist for that long. It was the mid-2000s when he first started drafting pieces, and his […]

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Artists of Woodbridge Interview Series: John Sauvé

One doesn’t walk or ride the streets of Woodbridge without noticing John Sauvé. In fact, one doesn’t roam the entire central part of Detroit for very long without noticing John, or better put, John’s prolific installation series, The Man in the City Project. He’s the orange man you see on rooftops all across town. Aside […]

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Detroit Portrait Series: Poets & Publishers Mural Installation at Eastern Market

Detroit Portrait Series

(DETROIT) – On Sunday, September 20th, five Detroit poets and publishers depicted in the ongoing public art project, ‘The Detroit Portrait Series,’ will stage readings of their works at Detroit Eastern Market (Shed 3). Beginning Saturday, September 12​th​, the five readers’ portraits along with those of Philip Levine, Mick Vranich, Dudley Randall, Robert Hayden, and Sixto Rodriguez […]

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Art in Woodbridge Gets a Facelift, and Other News

Hello everyone. We’re excited to announce that we’ve simplified the web experience for users. The site will work much better on a phone, and our galleries will be readily available on the home page. Feel free to suggest any features you’d like to see added. Also,  stay tuned to AIW for upcoming news regarding the […]

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